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Hi Folks,

I am starting campaign on indieGoGo.

Binary Maze is a top down 2D puzzle arcade where you have to play for loving couple: R-boy and L-girl. Binary Maze is inspired by the great NES classic arcade Binary Land. Some Sokoban elements mixed in it. New items and enemies have been added. And strong bosses came.
By controlling both characters make your way through the maze full of different enemies and puzzles, collect all diamonds and avoid falling into traps, open locked doors and blast preventing walls, meet with your second half and defeat the evil boss together.
Binary Maze features:
- Control two characters at the same time
- 45 unique levels in three different locations: the garden, the house and the dungeon
- Dark levels with only small spots of light visible
- 3 types of enemies with different behavior models. Bo, Ro and Zo are their names.
- Cobweb-traps, spiked spheres and pits
- Ability to move boxes and blast walls
- Puzzles with doors and buttons
- Two game modes: Normal and Arcade (with limited lives and levels going one by one)
Platforms: Windows and Mac
Framework: Toruqe 2D
Release date: Summer 2013.

$1500: Game will be released in June 2013 for Windows and Mac.
$2000: Achievements will be added into game
$3000: New ‘snowy’ world (15 more levels and one more boss) will be added with some new game elements
$6000: Game will be ported for iPhones and iPads

Beta:  Everyone who contributes gets an access to all beta versions of Binary Maze and can watch the developing progress in every step.
Special copy: Early access to final version. This copy will be with special personal thanksgiving screen.
Cross-stitched characters: Handcrafted cross-stitch images of Binary Maze character: R-boy, L-girl, Bo, Ro and Zo. Made by my wife (See photos of process). We can send it to you in frame or as a magnet on frig.
 All updates will be posted here.
My name is Max Marozaw. I am 24 years old indie developer from Minsk, Belarus.
I’ve work as developer for last 4 years and about 1.5 year ago I have started slowly develop my own game when have a free time. From February 2013 I decided to leave the main job and concentrate on my personal project: Binary Maze.
Now I am working a lot for the success of this game. I am making all programming and music by myself. Thanks a lot to my wife Veronika: she greatly supports me. And from February I am working in cooperation with good artist who realizes my ideas in pixels.

I love games and I love retro-games more. I like when the game throws you a challenge and you need to make an effort to win.
I want to start my way as indie-developer (and I already start it). I have a lot of ideas for future and energy to make them true.

 My goal is to raise $1,500. This will give me a possibility to be fully involved in development process to its completion and make game as good as I want.

Any support means a lot to us.
Many thanks to anyone who shares the campaign.
And I will be realy glad to any feedback and will be happy to answer all of your questions.
With your support we can make the game better!

You can also track developing progress here:
Binary Maze blog
indieDB project page
And follow me on twitter: @Binary_Maze

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