Weekly progress report


Developing still in progress and going well.
Some progress report:
  • 34 levels already completed
  • High Scores table for arcade mode is implemented
  • Major bugs fixed
Stay tuned,


Cross-stitched Bo and progress report


Bo enemy from Binary Maze game is already cross stitched

A little more photos and developing progress report next.


beta03 is available

Hi folks,

New beta for windows is available!

  • Now two worlds are available for playing
  • Tiles for World2 added
  • Music for World2 added
  • Minor changes in  game mechanics
  • Some bugs fixed
Download it now!
Windows.7.1mb archive. Just unzip to any forlder.

Will be glad to any feedback!
Stay tuned


Cross-stitched characters

As one of rewards for indieGoGo campaign we (me and my wife) decided to make cross-stitched characters from Binary Maze.
I am not a master of cross-stitching but my wife is.
Next you can see a couple of photos how first cross-stitched character was created.


IndieGoGo campaign

Hi Folks,

I am starting campaign on indieGoGo.

Play Binary Maze beta02

Good news,

  •  New enemies sprites
  •  +1 extra level (complete level 1-10 to open it)
  •  Wall sprites have been updated
  •  Some bugs fixed

Download from Dropbox
Download from indieDB
5.18mb  archive. Just unzip to any folder.
Will be glad to any feedback.

Stay tuned,
Kind regards.


New enemies sprites

New sprites for enemies are ready.

And now they have names: Bo, Ro and Zo.
Agree, they look both cute and evil.

Try Binary Maze beta now!

Hi folks,

Binary Maze beta01 for windows is available for download.
Download from Dropbox
Download form indieDB

5.34mb archive. Just unzip to any folder.